Fuel Economy

Subaru understands that fuel efficiency is of paramount importance each and every day. That's why Subaru is committed to providing an array of fuel-efficient vehicles. Breakthroughs in fuel reduction technology such as the world's first Boxer Diesel engine in a passenger vehicle and the worlds first Lineartroinc™ CVT transmission are both underpinning components to achieving exceptional fuel efficiency figures.

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Vehicle Model Year ADR Test / European Test* Independent AA Test AA 2010 Energywise Rally
3.6RS Sedan AT20159.98.40-
WRX 2.0 SLT20148.66.96-
WRX 2.0 Manual20149.26.79-
WRX STI 2.5 Auto201310.4--
WRX STI 2.5 Auto201410.4--
XV SLT20157.0--
XV 6SPD20157.3--
Forester 2.0i 6MT20158.1--
Forester 2.5i SLT20158.16.97-
Forester 2.5i Sport SLT20158.16.97-
Forester 2.5i Premium SLT20158.16.97-
Forester 2.0 XT Premium20158.5--
Forester 2.0D20156.3--
Outback 2.5i Sport SLT20157.37.176.8115
Outback 2.5i Premium SLT20158.07.17-
Outback 2.0D20156.35.85.117

Fuel labelling

From April 2008 cars for sale are required to display information regarding the vehicle's fuel economy. The real life fuel consumption of each vehicle may differ from the various test results. This is because there are a number of variables that can significantly impact on fuel consumption including traffic conditions, driving style, the weight of load and vehicle maintenance.

The fuel consumption figures that are provided are in accordance to either the European test procedure or the Australian fuel testing procedure.¹ Both tests are conducted under laboratory conditions and all variables are controlled to ensure that all results are carried out under the same conditions.

Independent AA Fuel Efficiency Test

Subaru of New Zealand has used the AA (New Zealand Automobile Association) to complete independent fuel economy tests on vehicles in the Subaru range. These tests have been conducted over a 430km circuit from Auckland, around the Coromandel Peninsula and return. The vehicles are driven at the speed limit whenever possible with an economical driving style with two adults, 20kg of luggage and the air conditioning on. The purpose of these tests are to demonstrate the fuel efficiency of Subaru vehicles in real-world New Zealand conditions. The result for the test car has been applied to any other models in the specific model range that have the same engine and transmission.

AA EnergyWise Rally 2010

The AA EnergyWise Rally is held every two years to showcase how motorists can reduce their fuel bills by choosing a fuel efficient car and driving it in a fuel efficient manner. 49 vehicles entered the rally, which lasts four days and covers 1,780km around the North Island of New Zealand. They were put to the test with a combination of driving on rural roads, motorways, state highways, and in peak-hour city congestion. All vehicles completed the Rally using Gull’s 10% bioethanol blended fuel or mineral fuel. For more on the Rally and the results please visit: www.aaenergywiserally.org.nz

[There are two parts to the European fuel consumption test, an urban and an extra-urban cycle. The cars tested have to be run-in; that means they must have been driven for at least 3,000 km before testing (Fuelsaver, 2009).]

¹ Fuel consumption figures based on testing in accordance with ADR 81/02 including use of 95RON fuel, or UC/ECE Regulation 101 for diesel versions.