New Vehicle Warranty

New Vehicle Warranty

Subaru of New Zealand provides a warranty for a period of three years with unlimited kilometres from the date of first registration against any manufacturing fault or defective materials.

The Subaru warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the owner of the vehicle and is in addition to any other remedies which he or she may have under legislation and / or the contract of sale.

If, despite proper treatment and regular maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, any defect occurs in the factory material or workmanship in the vehicle within the period of 3 years from the date of first supply, delivery or registration (whichever occurs first), this will be rectified free of charge by any Authorised Subaru Dealer.

Not all repairs or adjustments result from parts defective in factory material or workmanship. There are other circumstances which may make workshop attention necessary and for which a charge may be made. These circumstances depend mainly on where the vehicle is driven and include weather and atmospheric conditions, varying road surfaces, individual driving habits and vehicle usage.

Warranty Conditions

All new Subaru vehicles imported into New Zealand by Subaru of New Zealand are covered by a comprehensive 3 year warranty during which time any Authorised Subaru Dealer in New Zealand will be happy to attend to any parts defective in factory material or workmanship.

Your Authorised Subaru Dealer will also provide assistance and advice on the correct operation and use of your vehicle.

However, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the maintenance schedule contained in this booklet. Any consequential, direct or incidental loss or damage is not covered by this warranty, and any statutory or other rights or remedies available in connection with a claim for such loss or damage should be pursued separately.

What Is Not Covered

Repair, replacement and adjustment under this warranty are not available for deterioration, defects, faults or failures due to:

  • Ordinary wear and tear.
  • Use of the vehicle for a purpose other than for which it was designed, having due care and respect to the prevailing road, climate and other conditions.
  • Wear and tear caused by use of the vehicle for racing, rallying, speed trailing, hill climbing or similar activities or competitive events.
  • Modifications or alterations which have not been approved by Subaru.
  • Driver negligence, misuse or abuse, e.g. tampering, disconnection, loading or towing beyond Subaru's specifications, or continuing to drive the vehicle after loss of fluids, lubricants, oils, coolants, refrigerants or water.
  • Accident, impact or fire.
  • A failure to have the vehicle serviced or repaired in strict accordance with Subaru's specifications and recommendations.
  • Installation or use of non-genuine parts, accessories, equipment, assemblies or components.
  • A failure to have the vehicle repaired promptly and in accordance with Subaru's recommendations following an accident or other damage, or after a defect becomes known or is suspected.
  • Use of non-recommended, inappropriate or dirty fuel, oil, fluids, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants or water.
  • Theft, illegal use or malicious damage by a third person.
  • Any work carried out on the vehicle by a person other than an Authorised Subaru Dealer.
  • A failure to maintain and care for the vehicle, including its body trim and paintwork in accordance with Subaru's recommendations, e.g., use of unsuitable cleaning agents.
  • Environmental conditions, including acid rain, industrial fall-out, salt, sand, stones, tree sap, bird or animal droppings, windstorm, hail, flood, lightening or other acts of God.
  • Repairs, replacement and adjustment under this warranty are also not available:
  • If the vehicle was purchased at auction.
  • For maintenance service and parts used in connection with maintenance service.
  • For corrosion other than that due to a defect in material or manufacture.
  • If it is not possible to determine with certainty whether the vehicle is out of warranty, due to the odometer reading having been altered.

Owner Responsibility

The following list of items is provided as a guide to the owner of the type of items for which a charge will be made unless their failure is caused by a defect in material or manufacture. The frequency of replacement will depend mainly on where the vehicle is driven and include weather and atmospheric conditions, varying road surfaces, individual driving habits and vehicle usage.

Servicing: Lubrication and maintenance servicing and all parts replaced in line with the maintenance schedule in this handbook.

Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing: The frequency of these services depends on driving conditions such as rapid starts and stops, tyre skidding, hitting pot holes and curbs etc.

Mechanical Adjustments: Including brakes, clutch, door locks, engine tuning, drive belts, headlamps, steering gear are required as a matter of normal vehicle operation. This saves early or expensive replacements.

Brake Linings and Clutch Components: Are directly affected by driving habits and type of use and are wear and tear items. The replacement of brake linings and clutch components and the reconditioning of brake drums and discs should be performed as required.

Spark Plugs: Periodic replacement as listed in the service schedule is required to ensure maximum engine performance and best fuel economy.

Fuel Injectors and Induction System: The removal of deposits and cleaning of injectors may be required from time to time and should be performed as necessary.

Wiper Blades: Will have a varied life expectancy. Replacement will depend on climatic conditions and extent of use.

Paint, Trim and Other Appearance Items: Are affected by normal wear and tear and exposure to environmental conditions. Proper care as described in your Owners Manual can add to their appearance and durability. Damage or imperfection in paint or trim are normally apparent during pre-delivery inspection. Please report any imperfection to your Subaru Dealer immediately. A charge will be made for paint or trim items which require attention due to such causes as:

  • Paint - Industrial fallout, tree sap, bird droppings, stone chipping, scratches, dents, salt.
  • Trim & Carpet - Worn, soiled, torn, cut by foreign object, damaged or normal use.

Tyres: Are subject to wear. If there is a defect, the tyre manufacturer may be consulted, and a charge will only be made for the amount of use obtained as an adjustment is made based on the remaining tread depth. This is known as the pro-rata method of adjustment.

Body Rattles and Squeaks: After twelve months or 20,000 Kms., whichever should occur first, rectification of body rattles, squeaks, general tightening, adjustment of the fit of doors, bonnet and boot etc. will be chargeable items.

Suspension: Normal wear and tear of suspension and steering components such as shock absorbers, ball joints, bushes, driveshaft boots, etc.

Lighting Bulbs: Are subject to wear and tear and operational life depends on extent and method of use.