8 week running and walking programmes and training tips!

Written by : Team Subaru with Fitter Coaching


Once the celebrations of the silly season are over, it’s time to start getting active again in the new year, and we’ve got our Subaru Training programmes for all fitness levels to help you get ready for your next challenge. We’re taking on the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays and have created three different 8 week training programmes to help you keep on track whether you’re wanting to walk it for the first time, are a beginner runner or want to push yourself as an intermediate runner, you can choose your level and get going!

We've also partnered with Under Armour and created some helpful training videos with tips from professional triathlete Hannah Wells. Check them out here!


For more training tip videos - check them out here

To help get you going, here's some tips to help you as you start getting out and doing a little extra over summer thanks to Fitter Coaching, whether you’re keen to get your walking or running fitness up. Check them out below!


  • Check your shoes: Make sure that you have the correct footwear before you start! It’s important to check what type of shoes you’re wearing and whether they are suited to the training you are doing. If you don’t think you’ve got the correct type of footwear, our friends over at Under Armour have a range of shoes to suit your walking and running needs, so head into one of their stockists and the team can help you choose what’s right for you.

Visit Under Armour to get the right shoes for running or walking.


  • Plan your week: Plan your workout days at the beginning of each week. The Subaru training programmes are a guide only and are flexible depending on your training preferences. For walkers, it’s best to try and schedule your workouts with at least one non-walking day between if possible.


  • Don’t forget to warm up: To warm up and warm down, start and end each session with some easy walking, or gentle jogging if you’re a runner (a suggested time for warm ups and warm downs are included on the different Subaru training programmes depending on which one you are using).


  • Check your pace: It is essential for first time walkers and runners to start at a slow pace at the beginning of the programme. Your speed will improve as your fitness improves. Choose a pace that is comfortable for you to start with.

Subaru's Hannah Wells and Bevan McKinnon warming up and stretching.

  • Monitor your breathing: As you start out, try and maintain only moderate breathing for as much of the session as possible. If breathing gets too laboured, then slow down until you recover. As your fitness improves, so will your ability to walk for further periods without losing breath.


  • Recovery week: Week 5 of the training programme is about recovery. To allow the body a chance to recover from the previous 4 weeks training, you can reduce the amount of training you are doing and do shorter and less intense workouts to ensure you aren’t pushing your body too much. 


  • Flats and hills: when choosing where you are going to walk or run, it’s good to choose flat terrain and start slow and steady. As you get a few weeks into your training, you can start to include some hilly terrain to help increase your fitness. On the workouts that include hilly terrain, breathing can be a little more laboured.

Monitor your running and increase intensity as you get stronger


  • Keep up the fluids: Remember to rehydrate after each workout! You need to look after yourself and keep drinking fluids especially if you’re training over summer.


  • Take it easy in week 8! The week leading into the event is your chance to physically recover, so don’t do too many workouts and rest yourself as you prepare for the big day. You’ve done well and you’ll be able to enjoy race day after putting in all the training!

It's important to stretch out when you are training for a run


Thanks to our friends at fitter.co.nz for providing these great tips to help you get the most out of your running or walking training. Best of luck for your training over summer and Team Subaru will see you at the finish line!

If you’re keen to enter for the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays, visit www.roundthebays.co.nz to get your tickets for Auckland’s biggest fun run on 8th March 2020!


Download our training programmes here:


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