Five ways to take care of your health this daylight savings

Written by : Team Subaru with Hannah Wells


Hannah Wells knows the importance of taking care of yourself and staying active. Photo credit: Underarmour


We know our Subaru drivers like to do a little extra with their day when the weather allows and are eagerly waiting to put their clocks forward for daylight savings! It’s the time of year when we can look forward to enjoying some more daylight hours thanks to the spring weather, because who doesn’t like coming home when it’s still light outside? It’s good for the soul!

The warmer temperatures and extra daylight are the perfect excuse to use the extra hour for some ‘me time’ and invest in yourself.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Subaru’s brand ambassador and professional triathlete Hannah Wells has five tips for making the most of the spring weather for your mental and physical wellbeing.

With plenty of disruptions in 2020, looking after your mental health is now more timely than ever. 


1. Change up your evening routine.

Instead of settling down to the usual routine of watching TV on the couch in the evenings, make the most of the longer daylight hours and take the kids outside for a picnic dinner or to a park to play, or go for an evening stroll.  If you struggle to fit everything into your day and don’t see enough of your friends, invite them to join you on a walk and kill two birds with one stone – some quality time with a friend and a bit of fresh air!   It’ll help you unwind from the day - plus you’ll all sleep better for it!

Spring is also a good time to consider investing in a hobby – perhaps you’ve got a stand-up paddleboard collecting dust or have always wanted to have a go at tennis or play touch rugby? Check out your local clubs and see what’s on offer!

Subaru do paddling boarding


2. Do some spring cleaning to help declutter and refresh the house.

Cleaning and tidying up to improve your living and workspaces will make you feel good and help clear your mind. If you’re not up for the full-on, deep spring clean, just aim to get rid of a handful of unused items. They could be clothing, old electronics or housewares, and donate them to a charity shop. Then maybe add some fresh spring flowers into the house to brighten things up.  If you’re all up to-date with all your spring cleaning inside, head outside and make sure the back yard and BBQ are in tip-top shape ready for entertaining on those long summer nights ahead! Now’s the perfect time to get the garden going and clean the deck!


3. Walking meetings at lunchtime – to get in some Vitamin D

With the nicer weather, it’s a good time to give walking meetings a go. If you’ve got a work meeting that doesn’t require too much note taking (although brief notes could be made on a phone while walking), then why not meet a client at a park instead of a café or walk around the block with your colleagues instead of sitting in a meeting room. A walking meeting is a great way to have a productive discussion while also getting in some Vitamin D and exercise for the day.


4. Get in some exercise before work.

Staying active in spring and summer is much easier than in winter thanks to the brighter, warmer mornings, so it’s time to start making the most of that! Begin your day with a bit of fresh air by heading out for a jog, walk, or just a stroll down to the local café for a coffee.  Or find the closest local walking track get out in nature with a friend! Establish good habits early in spring and make it a goal to head outside to exercise for at least 15 minutes, 3 x mornings per week.

make the most of daylight savings by using the extra hour for some me time.


5. Use the earlier sunrise as your natural alarm clock (if you have the luxury and flexibility to do so).

Good sleep is key for mental and physical wellbeing. When the summer months come around, we tend to start waking up earlier naturally with the earlier sunrise. Studies have shown that those who wake naturally in the morning tend to feel more rested throughout the day compared to those who wake with an alarm (for the same number of sleep hours). If you can, turn the blaring alarm off and make the most of a more peaceful natural wake up. Of course, many of our Subaru drivers get up early to head to work during the week so if this isn’t an option for you, treat yourself to a sleep in on the weekend or on your day off!


Getting fresh air and staying active is important for your body as well as your mind, so it’s the perfect time to use the change of season to change up your routine and make the most of Spring and the extra daylight hours. For more information about Mental Health Awareness Week, visit


Subaru brand ambassador Hannah Wells is a professional triathlete who knows the benefits of staying active to look after her mental health, especially with the unexpected challenges of 2020. Hannah uses her Subaru XV to access her favourite destinations in Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty to get her training in and do a little extra with her day. To find the perfect All-Wheel Drive SUV to suit your lifestyle, check out the Subaru SUV range here

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