Vehicle hacks for adventure seekers

Written by : Team Subaru with SURF2SURF

SURF2SURF's surfing toolkit for your Subaru

Sometimes adventures are last minute decisions and there isn’t always time to get everything packed away in time to get to the big swell. You need the board that takes ages to tie on, then you need your sunblock, the wet suit, the surf wax, only to get out there and realise you forgot your leg rope. Or maybe instead of meticulously planning a day out with the kids you’ve decided to be spontaneous and go out for a picnic but forgot that extra packet of baby wipes you could really use right now.


Our friends at SURF2SURF have some helpful vehicle hacks to help you get out on your adventure in no time, with all the gear always there.


Hack #1: Create your own adventure toolbox

A cheap little hack that our friends at SURF2SURF have masterminded is creating a toolbox that is ready to go with all the surf (or everyday adventure) necessities. Pick up a builders tool box (approx. $19 at your local hardware store and cheaper if you get the plastic box option) and fill it with all your key items, if you get the bigger toolboxes you can even organise each item in its own compartment.

These are excellent for storing all your essential gear for surfing and especially keeping wax away from your interior surfaces. For everyday adventures, pack your hand wipes, non-perishable snacks, sunblock and change of clothes so you’re ready for whatever quest arises!

Keep this adventure toolbox in your boot at all times, or in your garage so it’s handy to put in the boot when the opportunity comes calling.

See what SURF2SURF has in the box below!

Essential surf kit:  50+ Sunblock, zink stick, Go PRO 7 Hero, Multi Tool, First aid kit, Spare leg rope, Ear plugs, Sticky Johnson Surf Wax (NZ), KeySafe for electronic keys (un-pickable). Go PRO Vehicle Mount.

Keep essential items in a toolbox so you are ready for any adventure.

Extra tip: click here to watch how you can lock your keyless entry Subaru car keys in your vehicle, so they are safe and secure when you head out for a surf and have no where to place your keys. 


Hack #2: Set up multiple adventure toolboxes

If you’re a multi-adventurer, a great idea is to have a second separate tool kit ready to go for when you head out on different kinds of adventures. Create another kit for when you want to hit the mountain bike trails, or bush walk. If you just have one toolbox, you can use the toolbox and swap content in and out and off you go.

Have a mountain biking kit ready for you to hit the trails


Hack #3: Strap your gear on fast and perfect everytime 

You can’t play if you don’t have the gear! Strapping gear onto your vehicle can be challenging, but SURF2SURF have some tips to help you strap your gear on faster, and more importantly make sure it stays there.

Start by investing in a high-quality set of tiedown straps. At least 25mm width made of high-quality mesh - a good 5m of length is ideal. A single strap will allow you to tie down two surfboards (if your racks are not too far apart.)

Loop the straps under the racks and over the boards (see diagram). Simply connect at the buckle and tie up or tuck away any loose length.

Make sure your straps are sitting flat on top of the surfboard (no twists in the tie down straps) - this will eliminate noisy strap flutter while you drive.

Tips to tie on your surfboard to your Subaru correctly


Top Tip: Strapping on SUPs and Longboards

SUPs or Stand up paddleboards (longboard or other large watercraft) have a lot of surface area and can come loose with sloppy or weak tie down technique. Use solid tie downs and if you have a large watercraft perhaps add a second tie down on front for safety.

To tie on a SUP, use at least two straps. Loop each strap under the rack then up and over the board. You’ll likely have a lot of extra length, so simply loop this around under the buckle and tuck it in (fast and tidy). Again, check that there are no twists on top of the SUP.

Bungy cords are an absolute no-go for tying on surfboards and SUPs because of their size but can be used to secure your paddle on the side.  At SURF2SURF we use some bike bungy tie downs with a simple locking clip.

It's important to use the right ties when securing a SUP to your Subaru


Ensuring you have the essentials is important for any mission you want to head out on. Thanks to our friends at SURF2SURF who live this out every day, now you’ve got some helpful tips to ensure you’re all set to create your own adventure toolbox, whatever that might look like, and head out to your favourite spot.


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