Looking for the best SUV range in New Zealand, but not sure which is perfect for your lifestyle?

Written by : Subaru Team

New Zealanders love Subarus. They’re such fantastic cars for our quirky little country with its outdoors lifestyle that you’ll find more Subarus in New Zealand per person than just about any country in the world. Yet despite their popularity, it’s not always obvious which model is best suited to a particular lifestyle. Yes, they all feature the legendary Boxer engines and All-Wheel Drive, but what are the key differences between models that make them more suited for different needs? Or to be more precise, which is the best Subaru SUV for your lifestyle?

The Subaru SUV range - the perfect SUV to suit your lifestyle

Here we’ll talk through some of the key advantages to each model to help you get more Subaru savvy.

What makes a Subaru a Subaru?

Before we look at the options, let’s get into some common ground that is shared by all Subaru vehicles:

  • Boxer engine: This legendary engine design sits horizontally in the engine bay. This lower centre of gravity not only increases stability, it also allows it to slide under the cabin in case of a serious forward crash.
  • All-Wheel Drive: There’s no surer way to feel safe and in control on New Zealand roads. Subaru’s tried and tested system automatically switches power from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip, giving you twice the grip of a 2WD vehicle, so you can feel confident driving in any weather conditions.
  •  X-Mode: This one is for those tricky off-road situations when the rough terrain or steep inclines can be difficult to navigate. You can activate X-Mode to get better traction when you need it most, whether that’s in slippery mud or creeping down that steep hill!

Subaru Outback has All Wheel Drive as standard like the whole Subaru SUV range.

  • EyeSight: Ask anyone who’s got it, Subaru’s award-winning safety technology is a game-changer. With autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, Lane Keep Assist and three drivers alerts, we call it our clever crash avoidance and driver assist technology as it really does help prevent you from having accidents. Read more about it here if you want the full low down.
  • 5 Star ANCAP safety rating: Very reassuring for those in search of the safest SUV, with every model having 7 airbags.
  • Rear reversing camera: If your car’s got reverse, it needs a reversing camera to go with it, so every Subaru is fitted with one as standard. (Vision Assist: additional features like rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot detection and lane change assist are available on all Premium models.)
  • Apple CarPlay™and Android Auto™: It doesn’t matter if you have Apple or Android, we’ll get it smoothly connected with key apps available on your car’s screen to use safely while on the road.

The perfect SUV for my lifestyle

Now let’s see what makes each Subaru SUV so distinct:

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

The Outback is the favourite for many Subaru drivers. But is it a wagon or an SUV? Well, it depends who you’re asking. The ground clearance tells you it’s an SUV, but the handling and sleek lines point more towards a wagon. The truth is that it’s really both. The classic combination of high ground clearance, comfort, safety, road holding, and space are all key to its popularity. The Outback is the biggest SUV in our range and you can choose from the Outback 2.5 Sport, Outback 2.5 Premium and the limited edition Outback X. The four cylinder 2.5 Sport, Premium and X models pack plenty of punch, and get you where you need to go with all the standard Subaru technologies. For a little bit more X-factor, check out the Outback X, with black exterior features, green highlights and water repellent seat fabric. All of them come with integrated cross bars so you can be ready for any adventure that requires a bit of extra gear. Prices start from $47,490.


Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester from the Subaru SUV range helps you do extra

The Forester is a favourite family SUV. It has wider door openings, wider seats (you can even fit three slimline car seats across the back) and a step panel to help kids hop into the back easily. High ground clearance and a 2.5 litre engine make it perfect for both adventuring at the weekend and the school run during the week. The Forester also features Driver Monitoring System, our class-leading safety technology that uses facial recognition to identify the driver, adjusts to their personal cabin preferences, and monitors distractions while driving. No wonder the Forester won the 2018 New Zealand Car of the Year (along with a cabinet full of other awards). You can also tread a little lighter with the new e-Boxer Hybrid Forester models now available to the Forester line up, which are built from Subaru DNA and include a compact battery and electric motor to assist the petrol engine. The Forester line up includes: Forester 2.5 Sport, Forester 2.5 Sport Plus and Forester 2.5 Premium and e-Boxer Hybrid options of Forester Sport and Premium models. The Forester range starts from $42,490.

(Driver Monitoring System only available in Forester 2.5 Sport Plus and 2.5 Premium).


Subaru XV

The 2021 Subaru XV is now in bloom in the spectacular Plasma Yellow Pearl.

The XV is the perfect compact SUV. Not everyone needs space to transport a whole team, so its smaller size makes it perfect for nipping around town and country. It’s particularly stylish and fun with great colour options, but don’t be fooled by its good looks; with 220mm of ground clearance, All-Wheel Drive and X-Mode it’s every bit as capable on the road as its bigger companions. The eye-catching compact SUV is packed with features to rival its competitors, all from only $39,990. The XV comes in 2.0 Sport or 2.0 Premium and is also now available as an e-Boxer Hybrid which enables you to explore New Zealand while treading a little lighter on our beautiful country. 


Whether it’s the large Outback, the award-winning Forester or the compact XV, there’s a Subaru SUV that’s perfect for your lifestyle. If you’re still unsure which is right for you, simply visit your local Subaru Authorised Dealer for a test drive and discover why so many Kiwis love Subarus. All you’ll need to do then is plan your next road trip!

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