Why you need All-Wheel Drive in New Zealand

Written by : Team Subaru

Subaru All-Wheel Drive Outback is your all access pass to Aotearoa

Photo credit: Andrei Diomidov

When it comes to choosing what car is right for you, there are so many options. A hatch or an SUV, a sedan or a wagon, and 2WD vs 4WD vs AWD?! Ensuring that we keep ourselves and our families safe on the road and having a vehicle with the space and practicality to get us to our weekend hobby spots (mountain biking anyone?) are always top of mind. 

For us, safety isn’t optional, and that’s why all New Zealand new Subarus are 100% All-Wheel Drive (AWD) and have been for 26 years. That’s right, from our compact Impreza, our flagship SUV range, our iconic WRX and e-Boxer Hybrid models, All-Wheel Drive comes standard.

Why? Well, because All-Wheel Drive is for more than simply getting you up the mountain for a weekend of skiing or traversing rocky terrain, it’s for the everyday situations us Kiwis find ourselves in with New Zealand’s four-seasons-in-one-day kind of weather and varying road conditions.

Our All-Wheel Drive Subaru range is the perfect match for New Zealand, and here’s why.

Subaru All-Wheel Drive XV is your all access pass to Aotearoa

In New Zealand, the road conditions can change as quickly as the weather. Asphalt turns into gravel; snow can freeze to ice; and grass gives way to mud. These are all the obvious reasons you would expect to need AWD in Aotearoa, but really, it's for the unexpected, like keeping you safe from hidden dangers, such as black ice, loose gravel, or sheep wandering down the road.

Subaru’s AWD is your secret weapon for handling your mate’s unexpectedly steep driveway, nailing hill starts in the rain, tackling slippery boat ramps, or finding that extra off-road parking spot.

How this All-Wheel Drive magic happens is actually very straightforward. Our system is symmetrical, which means as soon as your Subaru senses a loss of traction in any of the four wheels, it instantly transfers that power to the other wheels that still have grip. It gives them the extra oomph to get you out of trouble. It happens so seamlessly you probably won’t even notice it - you’ll just be soaking up that famous Subaru handling.

Compared to 4WD, the AWD driving experience is much more user-friendly as the system is always on. There’s no need to remember to turn the 4WD dial when the going gets tough, making for one less thing to worry about while driving.

Subaru’s specialised AWD technology is like an all-access pass, giving you the ultimate getaway car to escape. It’s engineered to transport you across all terrains, in all seasons, in all conditions, to the places you’d rather be.

Our AWD delivers the kind of control that breeds confidence, and from confidence comes comfort, and when you’re comfortable - the fun just happens! So, grab your keys, and unlock where to next. Campsites. Bike trails. Surf breaks. Hidden waterfalls. Or simply, the backroads to the bach. Because with Subaru you’re always in control - even when you lose reception.

Subaru Outback has All Wheel Drive as standard like the whole Subaru SUV range.

We live in a country built for adventure, with a lifetime of places to discover. Where cities quickly become mountains. Native forests hide sprawling, rugged beaches. And the end of the road is often just the start.

A country where the weather changes as quickly as the landscape. Torrential one second. Tranquil the next. It’s this uncompromising, beautiful, unpredictable land that is home to something else equally impressive. The most Subaru drivers per capita in the world.

We believe in All-Wheel Drive so wholeheartedly that it comes standard in every New Zealand new Subaru sold through our 17 Authorised Subaru Centres nationwide. The way we see it, with New Zealand's diverse conditions, anything less is sub-standard.

Get some extra nitty, gritty on Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive here.

So, whether it's for getting to and from work, ferrying the kids to afterschool activities, city escapes, country escapes or off the grid escapes your AWD Subaru will get you there confidently in all conditions. 

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