Covid-19 Updates

As you will be aware, New Zealand as a nation is in Covid-19 Alert Level 4. The Government has advised that all non-essential businesses must close during this four week period, which means the Subaru of New Zealand head office along with all our Authorised Subaru Centres are closed until at least 23rd April 2020. 

stay in self isolation for covid-19

During this period, all Subaru of New Zealand staff and Dealership staff are committed to isolation to ensure we do our part to help eradicate Covid-19 in New Zealand. Our Authorised Subaru Centres around the country will be closed and will be unable to undertake any sales or servicing at this time. 


For Essential Service Providers

If you are an Essential Services provider and need emergency assistance to get your Subaru running and enable you to continue travelling to work during this period, please call 0800 SUBARU (0800 782 278) and our team will work to find a solution to your requirements. Please be aware that this is only available for Subaru owners who are working in the essential services following the Government's guidelines. 

If you require some general support, you can email us at , on 0800 SUBARU (0800 782 278) or via Messenger on Facebook

unite against covid-19. Be kind, stay home and wash your hands.

Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep informed with any updates, and to follow some of our tips and Subaru Stories to help you while you're at home in isolation. 

To keep up to date with your local Authorised Subaru Centre, please check their websites, and follow them on social media.

Given you won't be driving as regularly in your Subaru, remember to turn your vehicle over during this lockdown period to avoid the battery dying and reduce the need for any emergency assistance.

If you're unsure if your personal business is listed as essential or not, visit to find out.


On behalf of everyone at Team Subaru, we wish you and your family all the very best during this difficult time and we hope to see you all again in our Authorised Subaru Centres and travelling around Subaru Country soon.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does all of this mean for me as a Subaru customer?

Car dealerships are not considered essential under Level 4 Alert so are closed until further advised by the Government. However, we are still operating in terms of repairing vehicles for essential services. Check to see if you fall under essential services.

While in lockdown we here at Subaru are still making ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. If you for any reason you are unable to get through, please email or contact us via the Subaru of New Zealand Facebook Messenger app and kindly provide details of your situation so we are able to assist you in the best way possible.


What happens if I have already ordered and put a deposit down on a car?

Please get in touch with your local Authorised Subaru Centre. They are available by phone or email throughout the lockdown. Alternatively, you can contact 0800 SUBARU, follow the phone prompts and you will be redirected to your local Subaru Centre. Unfortunately, if your vehicle was due to be delivered this month, under the Government's COVID Alert System, all Subaru Centres are closed. However, if you make direct contact they will be able to confirm further details of delivery and when it may be possible to do so.


Will the lockdowns affect the supply of your vehicles?

We are still currently receiving our vehicles from SUBARU CORPORATION in Japan as their plants are still operating and freight ships are still able to enter our country at this stage.


I am waiting on parts for my vehicle, what now?

As soon as the Government alert system is low enough to permit operating as normal, we will get in touch with you to arrange pick up at your local Subaru Centre.


I was booked in to get my vehicle serviced, what happens now and will it affect my warranty?

Once the Government alert system is low enough to permit operating as normal. Please rest assured our Subaru Centres will contact you to advise they are open and to reschedule completion of your service or repair.

If your vehicles next scheduled service interval is due over the lockdown period, please do not fear, you will be able to have this completed once our Subaru Centres are able to open. There will be no adverse effect on your vehicle warranty during the time of lockdown, and no limitations on your warranty if you are unable to get your scheduled servicing on time, of course this is provided that you have previously followed schedule servicing to this point required under warranty.  


What happens if I was meant to get a safety recall completed on my vehicle?

Please rest assured that your safety is of utmost importance to us. If you received at letter to advise that your parts are ready and to book your vehicle in, please contact your local authorised Subaru Centre once the government alert system reduces to a point where we are permitted to open for normal business.


What if I work for an essential service and require and urgent repair or recall completed?

Please check if you are classified as an essential service by visiting Get in touch with your local Authorised Subaru Centre and they will be able to guide you through the process for repair if you fall under this category.