Redesigned for families. Built for fun

The new Forester is the roomiest, most versatile and capable Forester ever made, offering greater cabin comfort that allows all occupants to enjoy travelling in this SUV. The Forester balances easy handling with a spacious interior, and user-friendly features, including two rear fast-charging USB charge ports for passengers in the back seat.

With a wider and flatter step panel on the rear door sill to help small children hopping into the rear seats or making it easier for adults when fixing the camping luggage to the roof rails, the Forester has been built with families in mind. 

In the back seat, there's not only more space across the seats, in between the front and rear passengers and wider door openings, but the tiered rear seat pocket are ideally suited for tablets, phones and magazine for roadtrip activities. 

The Subaru Forester SUV provides a great combination of comfort and adventure. The responsive new engine underpins a lively package, capable of great on-road response and gravel road ability. This is vital in a country where not far out of our cities are the mountains, forests, beaches and gravel roads that form the fun parts of any family adventure. Our All-Wheel Drive advantage really comes into play when our straight roads turn into hairpins, potholes and shingle.

With wider rear seats, extended space between the front and rear passengers, wider door openings and an automatic rear tailgate that opens or closes at ease, the all new Forester has been build for family adventures.