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Subaru WRX in the mountains

Why Subaru?

Here in New Zealand our cities swiftly turn into mountains, forests and beaches. And our straight roads turn into hairpins, potholes and gravel just as swiftly. And every journey becomes as much of an adventure as the destination.  From SUVs to sporty performers, there’s a Subaru that'll help you discover Subaru Country.

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Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive technology and experience now comes to an EV in the Solterra.

Hey electric

Subaru is committed to being on the journey towards a more sustainable future in New Zealand and overseas, with Subaru Corporation working towards eco-friendly manufacturing while continuing to reduce its own carbon footprint. The Subaru SOLTERRA EV is our latest step forward in this journey with electric vehicles, combining rugged power with minimal environmental impact so we can continue to explore this wonderful country and treading lighter as we do it. 

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Suburu driving on desert road

Welcome to Subaru country.

The geographical forces that have conspired to shape New Zealand’s stunning natural scenery also make it a tricky place to get around.

Beyond the urban jungle, narrow, twisty roads, many unsealed, and weather that manages to cram four seasons into an afternoon demand a vehicle tailored to extremes.

Made for Aotearoa / New Zealand

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Milford Sound, New Zealand

Pakata Goh

Winter driving tips to keep you safe on the roads