EyeSight® is Subaru’s award-winning system of cameras and clever computing that acts as your second pair of eyes. It provides a host of safety and driver convenience features. And comes standard in all automatic Subarus.

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    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Maintains the speed set by the driver, but also regulates the vehicle's speed to maintain a set distance from the car in front, adjusting when the car in front slows down or speeds up to the set speed again.

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    Lane Sway and Departure Warning

    Monitors the vehicle’s position within the road lane markings and sounds a warning when it recognises the potential for the vehicle to unintentionally move out of its lane, or when swaying within the lane is recognised.

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    Pre-Collision (Braking/Throttle/Steering) Assist

    Helps avoid or reduce the severity of frontal impacts. If the driver is distracted and fails to break, applies inefficient braking pressure, or mistakenly pushes the accelerator the car can intervene.

EyeSight® uses three-dimensional images captured by cameras mounted at the top of the windscreen to monitor the road, and other road users ahead of you. It can do everything from recognising and preventing potentially dangerous situations to making heavy traffic a bit less tedious.

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    Lane Keep Assist

    Recognises the lines on both sides of the lane and has steering assist controls to keep the driver in the middle of the lane.

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    Lead Vehicle Start Alert

    Prompts the driver to take action when traffic has started moving again by identifying that the vehicle in front is moving away after being stationary. No more getting honked at for not moving off fast enough.

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    The Next Generation Eyesight®

    Available in the new Outback and selected features on the new Forester, this generation adds Lane Centring Function, Autonomous Emergency Steering and Speed Sign Recognition features.

5-Star Safety

For us, safety isn't optional, and it shouldn't be for you either. That's why we’ve engineered every Subaru to achieve an ANCAP 5 star safety rating, the highest possible.

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    5 Star ANCAP rating

    The Australasian New Car Assessment Program is an independent organisation that provides accurate information on occupant crash safety through a star rating system from 1-5. They use four internationally recognised crash tests: offset frontal, side impact, pedestrian impact and pole impact tests.

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    7 SRS airbags

    All Subarus have a minimum of 7 SRS airbags, including; dual front, side torso, and curtain airbags. These work in conjunction with real-time seatbelt control to slow the body and help minimise occupant injury.

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    Ring-shaped safety cell

    The vehicle body is designed to absorb and direct impact forces around the cabin rather than directly into the passenger safety cell to help minimise injury to the occupants. It works a little bit like a roll cage in a motor sport vehicle.