A country built for adventure, with a lifetime of places to discover. Where cities quickly become mountains. Native forests hide sprawling, rugged beaches, and the end of the road is often just the start.

A country where the weather changes as quickly as the landscape. Torrential one second. Tranquil the next.

It’s this uncompromising, beautiful land of four-seasons-in-one day, that is home to something else equally impressive. The most Subaru drivers per capita in the world.

It’s not hard to see why.

Subaru’s unique All-Wheel Drive technology is like an all-access pass, giving you the ultimate getaway car to escape.  Engineered to transport you in all seasons, in all conditions to the places you’d rather be. So, grab your keys, and unlock where to next.



The GOOAT - The Greatest Outback of All Time

All-Wheel Drive is your All-Access Pass

Given the roads Kiwi drivers have to contend with, our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is an indispensable feature for getting around in NZ.
The way it works is simple - as soon as your Subaru senses a loss of traction in any of the four wheels, it instantly transfers that power to the other wheels that still have grip, giving them the extra oomph to get you out of trouble. It happens so seamlessly you probably won’t even notice it, you’ll just feel that famous Subaru handling.
For 50 years our engineers have been perfecting our symmetrical platform, creating an innate sense of balance, with a lower centre of gravity, for greater stability around corners and a smoother power delivery.


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Subaru Symmetrical Boxer Engine

Our Boxer Engine keeps you grounded

Every Subaru has another hidden advantage over ordinary cars: A lower centre of gravity. That’s thanks to its distinctive ‘flat’ Boxer engine.

Horizontally opposed pistons are balanced with the punching action of two boxers, hence the name, and allow for the lower profile engine. When combined with the AWD platform, every Subaru handles like a dream. But the Boxer engine benefits the driver in other ways too.

  • More Control
  • More Power
  • Less Vibration
  • Higher Level of Safety


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