Boxer engine

Every Subaru has another hidden advantage over ordinary cars: its distinctive ‘flat’ Boxer engine. Horizontally opposed pistons are balanced with the punching action of two boxers, hence the name, and allow for a lower profile engine. When combined with the AWD platform, every Subaru handles like a dream. And the Boxer engine benefits the driver in other ways too.

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  • Why Subaru New Zealand
    Flatter engine layout. Higher level of safety

    Perhaps most importantly of all, if a severe frontal collision occurs, due to its low position, the engine will slide below the cabin – not into it.

  • Why Subaru New Zealand
    Lower centre of gravity. More control

    Designed to sit horizontally in the engine bay, the iconic Boxer gives you a low centre of gravity for better handling, balance, and a smoother drive.

  • Why Subaru New Zealand
    More power. Less vibration

    The evenly balanced forces of the engine produce more torque with less vibration. And with less vibration, comes less noise, and greater cabin comfort.

  • performance_boxer_new eboxer option.jpg
    The new e-Boxer

    We’ve combined the performance and safety advantages of the Boxer engine with the efficiency of electric power. As a self-charging hybrid the e-Boxer collects energy when you decelerate or brake in its compact lithium-ion battery, which in turn powers its electric motor and extra drive modes like; Electric Only (for an efficient ride), or Motor Assist (for when you need some low-end pep).

Subaru Intelligent Drive

SI-DRIVE regulates key engine functions which enables the driver to choose from three distinctive driving modes.

  • performa nce_si_intelligent.jpg
    Intelligent (I) Mode

    For everyday city driving and optimised fuel efficiency.

  • performance_si_sport.jpg
    Sport (S) Mode

    For highway driving, enhanced acceleration and consistent power delivery.

  • performance_si_sports sharp.jpg
    Sport Sharp (S#) Mode

    For the pure performance you want on windy roads and steep inclines.