Driver Monitoring System

The Driver Monitoring System adds further convenience and safety to every drive. Using a driver facing camera and facial recognition technology it knows who is driving and can look out for driver fatigue.

*Driver Monitor System may not be available in all models or variants. Please check the specific vehicle you are looking at for details.

  • technology_dms_drownsiness.jpg
    Driver Drowsiness Warning

    Can detect if the driver is dozing or getting drowsy and offer a warning. (Drowsiness is recognized by calculating the time ratio the driver’s eyes are closed.)

  • technology_dms_driver personalisation.jpg
    Driver Personalisation

    Means your Subaru can recognise you (and four others) and adjust to your personal preferences, including: driver’s seat position, preferred door mirror angle, Multi-Function Display settings, air conditioning settings, and other instrument cluster displays. (Even driver specific fuel efficiency stats for the competitive families.)

  • technology_dms_wandering gaze alert_US VERSION.jpg
    Wandering Gaze Warning

    Warns both passengers and the driver through a visual and audio alert if the driver continues to look away from the road ahead.

Subaru Vision Assist

With driver warnings, extra camera angles, and clever features, Subaru Vision Assist gives you extra confidence.

  • technology_va_auto dimming rear view.JPG
    Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror

    Saves you when bright headlights fill your rear-view mirror by auto-dimming itself to minimise the glare. Handy given not everyone’s car has Adaptive High Beams.

  • technology_va_blind spot detection.jpg
    Blind Spot Monitor

    Warns you if a vehicle is in your blind spot (on either side of the car) with a symbol that illuminates in your side mirrors.

  • technology_va_lane change assist.jpg
    Lane Change Assist

    Gives you more confidence while changing lanes. If another vehicle is fast approaching in the lane you are indicating to move, a symbol illuminates in your side mirrors.

  • technology_va_rear cross traffic alert.jpg
    Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    Gives you warning if you are reversing, and another car is approaching the space you are moving into.

Whether it’s changing lanes, or parking in a tight spot your new Subaru has every feature you need to stay safe on the road, carpark, driveway and out in the wild.

  • technology_va_adaptive high beam.jpg
    Adaptive & Auto Dipping High Beam

    Uses EyeSight's high-performance stereo cameras to detect oncoming traffic and dip the range of light-beams to avoid blinding the oncoming driver, while still providing full visibility to the rest of the road.

  • technology_va_front view camera.jpg
    Front View Monitor

    Lets you check the area immediately in front of the car on the Multi Function Display (MFD). Super useful in those super tight carparks.

  • Subaru Reverse Automatic Braking
    Reverse Automatic Braking

    Will warn you if you're reversing at low speed and an obstacle is detected. And if you miss the warning, it will apply the brakes for you.

  • technology_va_side view monitor.jpg
    Side View Monitor

    Displays the distance from the kerb or a parked vehicle while you’re reverse parking. Perfect for guiding you into that parallel parking spot, and protecting those rims.

Subaru LineartonicTM Transmission

Unlike a conventional automatic transmission, which uses fixed gear ratios, we created the world’s first longitudinally mounted continuous variable transmission system to complement our unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system.

  • technology_slt_greater efficiency.jpg
    Greater Efficiency

    is delivered by constantly being at the optimum gear ratio at every moment in time. (It’s made our automatic models 20% more fuel efficient than a decade ago.)

  • technology_slt_greater performance placeholder.jpg
    Greater Performance

    is delivered with gear shifts as the LineatronicTM system provides infinite variability between the highest and lowest available ratios resulting in the car being in the optimum gear ratio at every moment in time.

  • technology_slt_paddle shift.jpg
    Paddle Shift

    For those who want total control, flick it to ‘manual mode’ and use paddles on the steering column to change through preselected gear ratios.