Satellite Navigation

Avoid wrong turns. Avoid arriving late. The latest roads and real-time traffic come standard* in the Subaru map updates.

Save time

Spend 18% less time per year (4 days) on the road

Save fuel

Save 12% on fuel with efficient routes

Save money

Save on maintenance with less wear and tear in your Subaru

Save emissions

Reduce your Subaru's CO2 emission by up to 20%

Available on all New Subaru Navigation Equipped Vehicles

Subaru Complimentary Map Updates ensure you have the latest maps in your new Subaru for the first 3 years starting from the sale date. Complimentary Map Updates are available during scheduled services at a Subaru Authorised Service Centre, up to three times in the first three years of the vehicles lifecycle on your NZ new navigation-equipped Subaru.

Frequently asked questions

What does Map updates include?

Updates may include updated street names, new road layouts, speed limit or restrictions, updated lane guidance or map formats.

If I have a new Subaru what do I need to do now?

Nothing until your first 12,500km service is due. This update will be completed for you as part of your scheduled service for up to 3 years if a map update is available.

What does MapCare mean?

MapCare is a 3 Year Complimentary Map Update program for vehicles fitted with Fujitsu-Ten navigation, which is available to all compatible Model Year vehicles as per below:

  • Model Year 2015-2017 Outback, Legacy and XV
  • Model Year 2015-2018 Forester
  • Model Year 2016-2018 WRX and Levorg 
Does my Subaru have Harman Navigation or Fujitsu-Ten Navigation?

If your Subaru is a one of the below Model Years, it will be fitted with Fujitsu-Ten navigation and can be updated by purchasing relevant updates at

  • Model Year 2015-2017 Outback, Legacy and XV
  • Model Year 2015-2018  Forester
  • Model Year 2016-2018 WRX and Levorg 

If your Subaru is one of the below Model Years, it will be fitted with Harman Navigation. If your vehicle is fitted with Harman Navigation and is still within the first 3 Year Map Update period, your maps will be checked for an update during your next scheduled service at a Subaru Authorised Dealership. 

  • XV, Legacy and Outback - Model Year 2018 onwards  
  • WRX/STI, Levorg and Forester - Model Year 2019 onwards  
What if my car is older?

You can still purchase a 1-time Map Update by visiting or visiting your nearest Subaru Authorised Dealership.

Where can I purchase my map update from?

You can purchase your map updates online at or at your nearest Subaru Authorised Dealership. This is applicable to Fujitsu-Ten infotainment units only as mentioned above. 

How do I know what my car is eligible for?

Contact your local Subaru Authorised Dealership or Parts and Service Centre to find out what map update your Subaru is eligible for.

I still have some more questions, who can I talk to?

You can contact your local Subaru Authorised Dealer to find out more information about Subaru Satellite Navigation and what your Subaru vehicle is fitted with. 

How to get the latest map update

Purchase online

To directly purchase the latest Satellite Navigation map update for your Subaru vehicle once you have finished your 3 free map updates on a Fujitsu-Ten Navigation system, visit, where you can purchase a one time map update for $169AUD online. This is not a Subaru NZ website and is operated by HERE. You will require a compatible SD/micro SD card reader/writer and download the Toolbox available from HERE.

Purchase online

Purchase from a dealer

Alternatively, once you have finished your 3 free map updates on a Fujitsu-Ten Navigation system, you can go to any of our Subaru Authorised Dealerships or Parts and Service Centres, where they can update your maps for $169AUD. Cost of installation can be discussed with the dealer at time of booking.

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