Subaru Forester Tailgate

Set the height on your tailgate

Sometimes your ceiling height, or your height is just a little shorter than most and so you need your boot to stop short. Find out how to set the memory height on your tailgate. 

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Rerverse automatic braking

How To Use Reverse Automatic Braking

Because sometimes you just need eyes in the back of your head. Find out how Reverse Automatic Braking works. 

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X-Mode and AVH on the Subaru XV

Using X-Mode

X-Mode provides that extra grip you need for x-tra adventures on challenging terrain. Find out how X-mode works. 

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Subaru Driver Monitoring System recognises drivers and detects distractions.

How to Use Driver Monitoring System

Find out how personalise your driving experience with Subaru's Driver Monitoring System (DMS).

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Subaru Key

How to use Pin code access

For some adventures, there just isn’t a safe place to store your keys. Find out how to lock them in your car, on purpose. 

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