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The new e-Boxer Hybrid doesn’t just handle our wild coastlines, mountainous ranges and the roads which connect them. It handles them with care. While the new platform introduces a Hybrid engine, it’s still all Subaru. That’s because our legendary All-Wheel Drive, its all-terrain capabilities, and the Boxer engine’s low centre of gravity, all help you take on any terrain. While the Hybrid engine gives you greater fuel efficiency and treads more lightly on this beautiful place we call home.

The Subaru XV and Forester e-Boxer models have arrived in New Zealand and are available for test drives now. But with pricing from just $44,990*, and limited production available this year, fortune favours those that secure one quick.


Made for our environment.


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Engineered to provide efficiency, the all-new Subaru e-Boxer Hybrids are powered by a unique e-Boxer engine. The vehicles feature an electric motor and high voltage battery, combined with a Boxer petrol engine to deliver a totally new driving experience.

The Subaru e-Boxer Hybrid is self-charging using kinetic energy.

Famous for our unique Boxer engines, our hybrid vehicles are true to our Subaru DNA. The Subaru e-Boxer Hybrid uses electric power (from a compact lithium-ion battery and electric motor) to assist the regular internal combustion engine.

Subaru e-Boxer plug free charge

When you decelerate or brake, energy from the vehicle’s movement is captured and used to recharge the battery. Delivering the efficiency of a hybrid, with no strings attached.

Subaru e-Boxer Hybrid uses power from a compact battery and electric motor to assist the petrol engine – changing between Petrol Engine only, Electric Vehicle only and Motor Assist driving modes to match the conditions.

Drive modes

Subaru e-Boxer Hybrids use power from a compact battery and electric motor to assist the petrol engine – changing between Motor Assist, Engine only, and Electric Vehicle only driving to match the conditions.


e-Boxer Hybrid XV

With all the capability you’d expect from a Subaru, the compact SUV is built to handle any adventure with style. The Subaru XV e-Boxer Hybrid features 17” alloy wheels, EyeSight clever crash avoidance technology as standard and of course, an e-Boxer hybrid engine that is made for our environment.  

Only $44,990*

21 XV Hybrid lagoon blue pearl

e-Boxer Hybrid Forester Sport

With just the right amount of ruggedness and enough space for the whole family and gear, this medium SUV was built to take on adventure with comfort and zest. Packed with innovative safety features and sitting on 17” alloy wheels, the e-Boxer Hybrid Forester Sport is ready for exploring Subaru Country.

Only $47,990*

2022 Forester e-Boxer hybrid_Ice Silver Metallic

e-Boxer Hybrid Forester Premium

If you’re after that little bit extra, the e-Boxer Hybrid Forester Premium takes you in comfort with 18” alloy wheels, leather upholstery with heated front seats, and including the latest in driving technology with the Driver Monitoring System to reinvent the driving experience.

Only $54,990*

2022 Forester Premium e-Boxer Hybrid_HorizonBluePearl
Subaru e-hybrid motor assist
Motor Assist for swift acceleration

Whether under full acceleration or tackling a steep ascent, with Motor Assist both the petrol engine and electric motor work together providing instant, responsive power. Excess engine power also recharges the battery.

Subaru e-boxer electric start
An electric start

In certain conditions such as when gently pulling away or driving at low speeds, the battery-powered electric motor alone drives the car. The petrol engine remains off, using no fuel and achieving zero emissions.

Subaru e-Boxer engine power
Engine power to share

When cruising, the petrol engine alone is the most suitable power source, delivering the dynamic performance you expect from a Subaru. The engine also powers the electric generator to recharge the electric motor’s battery.

Subaru e-Boxer plug free charge
Plug-free charging

Harnessing a process called regenerative braking, Subaru Hybrids are self-charging, so you never have to plug them in – ever! The system captures wasted brake energy as you drive and redirects that kinetic energy to recharge the electric motor’s battery.

Subaru e-Boxer all terrain
Confidence under all conditions

Superior balance equals superior vehicle control. That’s why our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system and a symmetrical drivetrain work together to deliver an innate sense of balance from the ground up.

Subaru e-Boxer eyesight
Second pair of eyes

Subaru’s clever crash avoidance technology EyeSight® uses stereo cameras to identify potentially dangerous situations and helps avoid accidents before they happen. If danger is detected, audible and visual warnings urge you to take action and brake. If the driver does not take action, the vehicle may apply active braking intervention to either avoid an accident or reduce the severity of the impact.

Subaru e-Boxer xmode

Tricky descents. Whatever life throws at you, whatever obstacles get in your way, Motor Assist further enhances X-Mode’s rough-road capability by enabling easy and quick torque control.

Subaru e-Boxer carplay

Connectivity is paramount with a fully integrated infotainment system with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ connectivity1 as standard, an LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth® wireless  technology, Siri®  compatibility and digital radio (DAB+) for a completely immersive experience. 1.Compatible Apple® or AndroidTM device required.

Subaru XV e-Boxer Hybrid

All the performance you expect from a Subaru.

The e-Boxer Hybrids are built from Subaru DNA with no compromises on capability. Our legendary All-Wheel Drive technology is standard to keep you extra safe and give you extra grip on the roads, while our EyeSight clever crash avoidance technology ensures you have an extra pair of eyes on the road. With X-Mode to help you explore challenging terrain, you can get behind the wheel of something familiar, yet a little bit different. It’s 100% Subaru, now in hybrid.

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