Matilda Rice joins the Subaru New Zealand family

  • Subaru of New Zealand Marketing Manager Daile Stephens hands over the 2019 Subaru Forester to new brand ambassador Matilda Rice.
  • New Subaru brand ambassador Matilda Rice enjoys a healthy, balanced, active lifestyle.
  • Matilda shot to fame in New Zealand through her appearance on The Bachelor NZ in 2015, where she turned into a household name overnight and became and item with Art Green.
  • Matilda doesn't take herself too seriously and makes sure there’s a bit of fun thrown into most things she does. She is the author of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life.

Prominent social media personality Matilda Rice is the latest member to join the Subaru team as a brand ambassador in New Zealand and she couldn’t be happier to be part of the automotive brand that aligns perfectly with her active, adventurous lifestyle.

Matilda shot to fame in New Zealand through her appearance on The Bachelor NZ in 2015, where she turned into a household name overnight after her and Art Green became an item. Her down to earth and relatable personality has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers across her social media platforms, who enjoy her posts documenting her healthy, fun, balanced way of living and of course life with her fiancé Art.

“I feel like Subarus are the cars for Kiwis, who get outdoors. That’s what really spoke to me and is why I was keen to get on board. Also, Art drives a Subaru Levorg which makes driving long distance so enjoyable – I wanted that too!,” Matilda says.

Subaru of New Zealand Marketing Manager Daile Stephens says that Matilda is a great fit for the Subaru brand.

“The spirit of Subaru is ‘do’ – essentially meaning that as a brand we want to inspire New Zealanders to get the most out of life - Subaru enables that thanks to our All-Wheel Drive engineering prowess.  Whether it’s getting you up the mountain for a day of skiing or perhaps driving down a gravel road to get to your favourite surf spot, Subaru can easily get you to a place you’d rather be because of the unique technology which makes Subarus special. We believe Matilda (and of course Art, who became a Subaru brand ambassador two years ago) embody our philosophy. We are pleased to have Matilda join the Subaru family for both her day-to-day duties and her adventures further afield”.

Subaru of New Zealand recently launched the fifth-generation 2019 Subaru Forester SUV, which Matilda is now driving. ‘Upgrade your fun’ is the new model’s campaign headline and Matilda believes the Forester certainly lives up to this promise.

“My girlfriends and I have already done a road-trip to Piha in my Subaru – the girls loved it! I can really feel the All-Wheel Drive working, as even on the windy, narrow roads the Forester absolutely nailed it. We felt so safe and comfortable and had such an amazing day!” Matilda says.

When asked what else she loved about her Subaru, it was hard for Matilda to choose just one of the many features.

“The facial recognition technology has to be one of my favourite features. My Forester instantly identifies me when I get in it - after Art has been driving it and has changed all my settings. Within seconds my seat, mirrors and air-con are back to just how I like it.”

The class-leading Driver Monitoring System (DMS), uses facial recognition technology to personalise Matilda’s driving experience. It can save up to five drivers’ preferred settings and automatically adjusts them when the driver steps into the vehicle, if they have been changed. It also has two safety features – giving both audible and visual warnings if the driver is distracted and has their eyes off the road, or if they are dozing off.

In addition to the Subaru Forester’s technology, Matilda is enjoying being in an SUV for her first time, especially its high ground clearance of 220mm.

“I love sitting up high in the Forester and being able to pop up onto the curb is really handy when I’m parking on a narrow street.”

Matilda will be seen out and about in the Subaru Forester in Auckland, where she and Art live, and also all around New Zealand when they are on their travel adventures.

They get plenty of drive-time to enjoy their Subarus, as Matilda and Art are in hot demand with tourism boards throughout New Zealand and they enjoy promoting different regions around the country.

“People often think of overseas first when they think of travel but our focus has been on checking out all the amazing places New Zealand has hidden away,” Matilda says.

They will be travelling safely as well thanks to the 2019 Forester’s updated clever crash avoidance technology EyeSight®, and naturally, because it’s a Subaru, it comes with a grunty Boxer engine and All-Wheel Drive for optimal stability.

Matilda doesn't take herself too seriously and makes sure there’s a bit of fun thrown into most things she does. She is the author of The Lazy Girl's Guide to Living a Beautiful Life, which hit stores at the end of 2017 and put her on the top-selling author's list.  She and Art are also the co-founders of healthy, ready-made Paleo meals venture Plate Up.

Matilda achieves balance in her busy life through exercise and is currently training for the Auckland marathon event. She has also taken up skiing and had fun with Art attending Subaru’s Top Weekend at Turoa ski-field last month. Mountain biking is another new skill she is looking to acquire this summer and along with paddle-boarding, it will compliment her keep-fit regime.

“We enjoy spending time at Lake Rotoiti and the Subaru Forester is the perfect vehicle to head down there with, as we can strap our paddleboards on top, pop the bikes in the boot and away to holiday we go,” Matilda says.

Join Matilda’s more than 154,000 followers on Instagram, and 37,000 on Facebook and keep an eye out for her Subaru Forester adventures via her handles below.




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