The NZ AA’s tips on getting your car through lockdown

Written by : Team Subaru with the NZ AA

Tips from the NZ AA about getting your car through the lockdown.

While we can’t get out and ‘do’ as much as we’d normally do in our Subarus during lockdown, there are some important measures you can take to ensure your four-wheeled friend is in good shape once you can take it out and about again.

Subaru has enlisted the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA) to provide some advice on getting all brands of vehicles through a period of time where you are not driving them.

AA motoring tips on looking after your vehicle.

It may be the case that you have everything you need within walking distance and won’t be using your vehicle at all to access essential services, or that you don’t need to drive to work as an essential services worker. Or perhaps your vehicle isn’t used to being used as much, only driven once a week to the supermarket and needs a bit more attention.

Here are some important tips you should consider to make sure your vehicle remains mobile and to prevent the likelihood of mechanical hassles later on, if you won’t be using it in the short term.


A well-maintained vehicle and a battery in good condition should not feel any effect of not being used for a few weeks. However, if you are unsure and want peace of mind, it’s a good idea to try and turn your vehicle on a couple of times a week, if you’re not using it as regularly as you normally would.  

It could even be a matter of just leaving your vehicle to idle. Always make sure the vehicle is in a well-ventilated area if it’s stationary while running. This means keeping the garage door open if you choose to run it inside the garage, or better yet, reversing it into your driveway. Idling your car for up to 30 minutes, in your driveway, will allow the engine oil and coolant to be circulated, which is good for your engine’s health.

Subaru’s compact Impreza has undergone a cosmetic overhaul, with the 2020 model sporting a redesigned front bumper and grille, plus smart new-design 17” alloy wheels.


The correct tyre pressure is extremely important for tyres to maintain their shape and prevent flat spots. If the vehicle is being stored long term, the AA suggest it is best to inflate all tyres a bit more than usual when you’re next at a service station.

This is important as it will ensure that the adequate pressure remains, even if a small amount leaks out over time. Many years ago, car tyres were particularly prone to flat spots and vehicles were raised on blocks to prevent this from happening - for shorter periods this step is not necessary with a vehicle.

Check your tyres and the pressure when you aren't driving as regularly.

Quick service check

If your vehicle does very little mileage and is laid up for a month or so, the AA also recommends that from time to time you check the oil and water levels.

If your vehicle is overdue for a service, please contact your local Authorised Subaru Centre to make a booking as soon as the Government restrictions are lifted. You can even request a service booking online during lockdown, so you’re all set to get your car safely back on the road post-lockdown.

If your Subaru’s next scheduled service was due over the lockdown period, you will be able to have this completed once the Authorised Subaru Centres are able to open. There will be no adverse effect to your warranty during the lockdown period, provided that you have previously followed scheduled servicing to this point, which is required under warranty.


For more information on a range of motoring services and advice visit

If you have an enquiry about your Subaru vehicle over this period, you can call the Subaru team on 0800 SUBARU (0800 782 278).

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