The Subaru Guide to Matariki

Written by : Team Subaru


Matariki is the celebration of Māori New Year marked by the return of the Matariki star cluster. You may not be aware that in Japan the cluster is in fact called Subaru. Just look at our cars, that’s it, proudly displayed on our badge. It’s no wonder Subarus feel right at home in Aotearoa.


The Subaru logo has the stars that  make up Matariki


The best way to see the stars is out of the city, and the best way to get there is in a Subaru. You may know the roads, but it can be difficult navigating the stars, so we’ve created this simple star map to help guide you. First, get up extra early and drive out to your favourite stargazing spot. Then, locate Tautoru, (the three stars of Orion’s Belt, or as us Kiwis call it ‘The Pot’). From here, draw an imaginary line through Tautoru, heading north until you arrive at Matariki.


Matariki translates to 'Subaru' in Japanese - here is the Subaru guide to Matariki


So make the most of the hours after sunset and jump in your Subaru to find the perfect viewing spot to enjoy Matariki. 

Download our Matariki Map for Subaru Drivers to take on the road!


Kia pai tou tātou Matariki, from Subaru of New Zealand


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