SUV Capability

The Subaru SUV range has the extra handling and capability for any adventure.

Capability, like All-Wheel Drive, comes standard in every Subaru. Our Subaru SUV range is the definition of extra, with the capability you'd expect from a Subaru built into each of our SUVs too. Subaru is known for its standard feature of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive in every model. Not only does this mean having the driving force spread across all four wheels mean greater control, but it also means you can have the confidence when you are out doing a bit extra with your day. Capability also means getting to where you need to no matter what the terrain, so our SUV range has the ground clearance and features like X-Mode to help you get to where you going to do. 


Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

The sign of a true performer, is good balance. And when it comes to driving a Subaru, superior balance equals superior vehicle control. That’s why Subaru has built its reputation on its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system and a symmetrical drivetrain that delivers an innate sense of balance from the ground up.
All-Wheel Drive delivers engine power to all four wheels simultaneously. Having power distributed across all four wheels, rather than two on conventional vehicles, gives you twice the grip capacity. So under acceleration there’s more grip for cornering and more capacity to keep on track through the corners. Ultimately, having the driving force spread across all four wheels means greater control and confidence. Find out more about in the invisible benefits of Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive in our Outback, Forester and XV range today. 



Ground Clearance

Travelling over different terrain means you need the SUV that can get you there. Subaru XV has 220mm ground clearance, Subaru Forester has 220mm ground clearance and Subaru Outback has 213mm ground clearance. Having the extra ground clearance means you know you can do more and go with other pretender SUVs can't. 



The 2019 SUV range have Subaru X-Mode as standard, because getting to that remote mountain top or travelling through a muddy paddock sometimes needs that little bit extra. Our X-Mode technology has evolved with the addition of new functions, strengthening its off-road and steep hill performance.

When X-Mode is activated, electronic control of the parts of the vehicle including, the engine, All-Wheel Drive system, brakes and more is optimised in off road situations. X-Mode helps reduce potential wheel slip on slippery surfaces, climbing steep inclines, and navigating rough roads. It also incorporates a hill descent control function. X-Mode helps increase driving performance, confidence, and control. Our X-Mode technology is available on Outback, Forester and XV models as a standard feature.

Forester 2.5 Premium has two switchable modes, controlled using an easy-to-check dial to adaptive to deep snow or mud. Find out more here.



Subaru Performance. SUV Capability. 

The Subaru SUV range has been created with everything that makes a Subaru a Subaru, and the SUV credientials too. With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as standard across the range, excellent ground clearance and X-Mode technology, you can go out and do a littel bit extra with your day, no matter where you might end up. 

Find out more about our Subaru XVForester and Outback now, with the range starting from just $37,490.