SUV Performance

A long history of performance engineering means our Subaru SUV range is extra awesome. 

Scientifically conceived. Rigorously tested for the last 50 years. Our iconic Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system are the pinnacle of superior Japanese technology. SI-DRIVE, Auto Stop Start, and Subaru Lineartronic™ are intelligent systems that enhance and optimise your driving experience whilst also providing greater fuel efficiencies. So now is the time to get out and do with our Subaru SUV range. 


Legendary Boxer Engine

The engine sits lower so the performance is higher. Our famous Subaru Boxer engine is designed to lay horizontally in the engine bay, rather than standing vertically like most other engines, therefore providing a lower centre of gravity. This means less body roll and sharper cornering. The Boxer engine name refers to its punching motion like a boxer, with a punch and counter-punch action. Due to this unique design, the Boxer engine delivers less noise and vibration to the cabin with greater balance, stability, traction and control. Giving you a confident, fun and more engaging drive, wherever you're heading to in New Zealand to do a bit extra. 



Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE):

SI-DRIVE is designed to regulate key engine functions to offer up to three distinctive driving modes in the one car. You can optimise your drive to get the experience you want for every journey. The three modes are:

  • Intelligent (I) mode for everyday driving. This is perfect for suburban and city conditions when power output is reduced and fuel efficiency is optimised.
  • Sport (S) mode for enhanced acceleration and all-round sporty performance. This mode is suited to highway driving and long distance cruising for consistent power delivery.
  • Sport Sharp (S#) mode for a thrilling drive. This is the pure performance mode that provides bursts of power at the right moment – great for winding roads, tight corners and steep inclines.

Subaru Intelligent Drive is available on Forester Sport Plus, Forester 2.5 Premium, Outback 2.5 Sport, Outback 2.5 Premium and Outback 3.6R. Check each model listing for what models include which driving modes. 


Subaru Lineartronic™ Transmission (SLT)

We call it SLT and it helps you do super smooth acceleration. Unlike a conventional automatic transmission, which uses fixed gear ratios, our Lineartronic technology provides infinite variability between the highest and lowest available ratios with no discernable steps or shifts. It delivers a smooth gear change by selecting the optimum gear ratio for the driving condition at that particular moment in time. There is the option to choose ‘manual mode’ by using the paddle gear shifts on the steering wheel too. 


Subaru Performance wrapped up in an SUV body. 

Subaru have been building and perfecting the Boxer engine for over 50 years. It's part of our DNA and what helps make our Subaru SUV range extra awesome. Along with Subaru Lineartronic™ Transmission, SI Drive and many other intelligent systems built into our vehicles, it makes our Subaru SUV range the perfect car to help you get out a do a little be extra with every day. 

Check out the stylish and compact Subaru XV, family friendly Forester and adventure-ready Outback now, with the range starting from just $37,490.