About us



A country built for adventure, with a lifetime of places to discover.
Where cities quickly become mountains.
Native forests hide sprawling, rugged beaches, and the end of the road is often just the start.
A country where the weather changes as quickly as the landscape.
Torrential one second. Tranquil the next.
It’s this uncompromising, beautiful land of four-seasons-in-one day,
that is home to something else equally impressive. The most
Subaru drivers per capita in the world.

It’s not hard to see why.
Subaru’s unique All-Wheel Drive technology is like an all-access pass,
giving you the ultimate getaway car to escape. 
Engineered to transport you in all seasons, in all conditions to the places you’d rather be.
So, grab your keys, and unlock where to next.
Campsites. Bike trails. Surf breaks. Hidden waterfalls.
Or simply, the backroads to the bach.
Because with Subaru you’re always in control.
Even when you lose reception.
We may not be born here, but it sure feels like home.

Welcome to Subaru Country. 

Discover what else is unqiue about Subaru. Explore our All-Wheel Drive Subaru range today.