Subaru Total Value Control is a flexible finance plan tailored to your needs, that can accelerate you into a brand new All-Wheel Drive Subaru.

How it works is simple, just choose your model, a deposit that works for you, set your payment terms and annual mileage, then jump behind the wheel.

At the end of your finance period, you can decide if you retain it, trade it in for the latest model or return it. Plus, based on the agreed terms, we guarantee the minimum future value of your vehicle at the time of purchase, so you’ll know exactly what the vehicle will be worth at the time of your final payment.

Lock in your Guaranteed Future Value and unlock a Subaru today.

  • Total Value Control GFV - Control

    Choose your deposit, payments, and terms based on your mileage and map out your journey to Subaru ownership.

  • Total Value Control GFV - Freedom

    At the end of your term, you've got total freedom with your next steps. Choose to retain it, trade it in, or return it. 

  • Total Value Control GFV - Safety

    Lock in the Guaranteed Future Value up front and protect yourself from the unpredictable downward slide of depreciation. 

You choose

At the end of your term, you choose weather you...

Retain It

You have the option to keep your Subaru by making a final payment which reflects the agreed minimum guaranteed future value of the vehicle at that date. This enables you to plan financially as the future value has been negotiated up front. You may be able to refinance this amount with Subaru Total Value Control Programme.

Replace It

By choosing to trade in your Subaru you’ll be able to use the trade-in value towards the final payment, keeping any excess or paying any shortfall.

Return It

Provided you comply with the terms of the agreement, you can return your Subaru with minimal fuss. To return it at the end of the agreement, you’ll need to pay a $350 disposal fee and any excess charges instead of the final repayment.

 The Benefits
  • Get into a new Subaru faster with simple weekly payments.
  • Fixed regular payments for easy budgeting.
  • Assurance of your vehicle’s future value.
  • Drive a new vehicle more often if you choose shorter terms.
  • Choose the vehicle and agreement term to suit your needs and decide at the end of the agreement if you retain, replace or return the vehicle.
Frequently Asked Questions
What finance terms can I have under the Subaru’s Total Value Control Programme?

You can select a finance period of either 24, 36 or 48 months depending on what term suits you best.

Can I trade in my Subaru before my term is up?

Yes, provided you pay all that’s owed under the agreement. However - due to the structure of the Subaru Total Value Control Programme - if you trade in your Subaru early, the settlement amount may be greater than the trade in value. That’s why it’s important to choose a term that best suits your driving and ownership cycle.

What happens if I choose to return my Subaru at the end of my agreement?

Subaru’s Total Value Control Programme allows you to return your vehicle at the end of the financing agreement, provided you comply with the terms of the agreement. Simply provide us with the required 30 days written notice, return the vehicle and settle the $350 disposal fee, plus any excess charges (if applicable).

What happens if I exceed the kilometres limit?

If you exceed the allowed number of kilometres agreed for the term, you’ll be charged per kilometre.

Is fair wear and tear covered in my agreement?

Fair wear and tear is included in your agreement. Your selling Subaru centre will inspect the car’s condition for excess fair wear and tear when you return it. The Subaru Total Value Control Good Condition Guide explains what fair wear and tear is and highlights what you need to be aware of before the inspection at the end of your GFV agreement.

Terms and Conditions: At the end of the term, you can choose to keep the vehicle, by paying the Guaranteed Future Value, or trade it or return it (subject to maximum total mileage of 45,000 kms, T&Cs and excess charges apply). Subaru Total Value Control is provided by Heartland Bank Limited. Heartland’s responsible lending criteria, T&Cs and fees apply, including a $293.39 establishment fee and $7.39 PPSR fee. All prices include GST. Offer not available in conjunction with any other special, discount or promotional offer. Offer excludes on-road costs, lease, government and rental purchases & accessories. Subaru reserves the right to vary, withdraw or extend this offer, which is only available at participating dealers only. Alternative payment terms can be determined on request.