SUBARU AIR MOBILITY concept unveiled at Japan Mobility Show 2023


Subaru Corporation has unveiled two concept models, the SUBARU AIR MOBILITY Concept and the SUBARU SPORT MOBILITY Concept, as show models to express Subaru's vision of a new generation of mobility.

Newly debuted models in Japan, Levorg Layback Limited EX, Levorg Layback Limited EX Genuine Accessory Parts equipped model, the updated model Solterra ET-HS, and the Forester X-EDITION are also showcased. *
In addition, pursuing the goal of 'delivering happiness to all,' Subaru has launched the 'Cherishing Every Life Project' in Japan; initiatives to expand the circle of empathy and idea of living-together through contributions to the society.


In the world of aviation, where electrification and automation technologies are advancing, there are growing expectations for new air mobility that will bring about an 'air mobility revolution'. SUBARU AIR MOBILITY Concept expresses the future of 'more freedom in mobility' that Subaru envisions. Engineers from the aerospace and automotive divisions are currently working together on flight demonstrations.


This concept model expresses the enjoyment that Subaru offers in the age of electrification, embodying the pleasure of going anywhere, anytime, and driving at will in everyday to extraordinary environments. Driving with peace of mind allows us to embark on exciting new adventures. This is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept that evokes the evolution of the SUBARU SPORT values.
The basic framework is based on the concept of a driver at the center, controlling all four wheels at will. While offering a low seating position, the car is designed to ensure excellent visibility and perceptibility for the driver, providing a package that allows for enjoyable driving with peace of mind.

Body panels are designed to minimise surfaces and character lines, creating a taut, clean, three-dimensional shape that provides a sense of protection and airflow.

Levorg Layback Limited EX (Japanese specification model)

The all-new Levorg Layback combines the three values of Levorg, advanced safety, sportiness, and value as wagon, with the flexibility as SUV and high quality. It is developed for the Japanese market as a unique SUV in Subaru's extensive SUV lineup.
Levorg Layback Limited EX Genuine Accessory Parts equipped model (Japanese specification model)   
Levorg Layback with Subaru genuine accessories, which expresses its high quality and sophisticated style by coordinating the cladding with the body color.
Solterra ET-HS Updated model (Japanese specification model)

The Solterra is Subaru's first global battery electric vehicle (BEV), infused with new values inherent to electric vehicles as well as the 'Enjoyment and Peace of Mind' that Subaru has cultivated over many years. Developed to be an authentic SUV in an environmentally friendly package, the Solterra maintains the practicality found in existing Subaru models, giving Subaru customers a choice, they can confidently embrace.

The updated model features expanded Subaru Safety Sense functions and enhanced its safety performance. Newly adopted oval steering wheel expresses advanced and sporty feel and improves the meter visibility.

Furthermore, battery warming performance has improved to lessen variations in charging time depending on ambient temperature. The charging time via DC charging has reduced by approximately 30%*1 *2 in low ambient temperature. This improved the practicality of Solterra in severe conditions.

The Solterra on display is body wrapped representing the Natural Parks Foundation as part of the 'Cherishing Every Life Project.'
*1: Charging time by 90kW charger in low ambient temperature (-10℃)
*2: Charging time from when the power loss lamp lit to SOC 80% (estimated value under development)

Forester X-EDITION Special Edition Model (Japanese specification model)

Forester is positioned as a key part of the company’s global strategy. Forester features packaging that allows all passengers to share comfort and enjoyment, balancing easy handling with a spacious interior, and user-friendly features. The design combines the hardiness of an SUV with user-friendly comfort and convenience.
The Special Edition Model, Forester X-EDITION has features which encourage the driver to take on outdoor challenges. 
Crosstrek Limited (Japanese specification model)

Combining a compact body with a rugged and sporty design, the Crosstrek features full-fledged SUV performance, making it a versatile crossover SUV ideal for any driving environment, whether in the city or for outdoor adventures.
In this third-generation model, not only has the unique design of the previous model been emphasized, but also the driving dynamics and safety performance of the Crosstrek have been refined.

Cherishing Every Life Project

With our background of having an aircraft making DNA, Subaru places the highest priority on safety in 'People-Centered Monozukuri (Manufacturing)' and holds 'Protection of Life' to be important. Based on the idea of “Protection of Life” as the core of activities, Subaru will engage in the 'Cherishing Every Life Project' as an initiative to be carried out together with customers, dealers, Subaru and local residents. 'Human life' is irreplaceable and 'natural life' takes care of rich forests and wildlife. We will continue to support those who are working to “protect and pass those on to a future full of smiles”.
*All of these Subaru models are concepts only and will not be available to the New Zealand market.


Key Subaru models to be exhibited at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 



Show model for reference


Show model for reference

Levorg Layback Limited EX

Production model* (Debuting in Japan on October 25, 2023)

Levorg Layback Limited EX
Genuine Accessory Parts equipped model

Production model* (Debuting in Japan on October 25, 2023)

Solterra ET-HS Updated model

Production model* (Debuting in Japan on October 25, 2023)

Forester X-EDITION Special edition model

Production model* (Debuting in Japan on October 25, 2023)

Crosstrek Limited

Production model* (Currently on sale in Japan)

* Japanese specification models for sale in Japan only.


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