Art Green

Art Green Subaru NZ Ambassador

After starring on the first season of a popular New Zealand reality television show, Art Green has become a well-recognised public figure but it was his healthy, active lifestyle and the fact he has grown up with the Subaru brand that has seen him become a Subaru brand ambassador.


After driving stylish sports wagon the Subaru Levorg around Auckland, Art is now driving a Subaru Outback which is perfect for his active lifestyle and a confortable drive for his longer commutes after moving to Warkworth with wife Matilda Green. 

Art embodies what Kiwi Subaru drivers are all about. They might use their Subarus for work by day but come 5pm or the weekend, they are looking for an adventure and Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive, Boxer-engined beauties are the cars to transport them to where the action is.

Art, who has had a busy few years as the co-owner of the Clean Paleo health food company; writing a best-selling book; winning a high profile boxing match against an All Black; competing in the Coast to Coast multisport race; and launching their new business Plate Up, is stoked to be part of the Subaru team.

“My family have owned Subarus throughout much of my life, so I grew up knowing the cars and experiencing how well they drive. They are well known for being classy yet practical cars that let you live an adventurous lifestyle - so I felt that Subaru was the perfect fit for me,” Art says.

He is enjoying the versatility of the Subaru Outback, which is packed full of features including Subaru's EyeSight® clever crash avoidance technology, rear cross traffic alert and a host of vision assist functions and all the SUV credibilities like All-Wheel Drive, 213mm of ground clearance, X-Mode for rugged terrain and integrated roof rails to carry all his gear for adventures. 

“I use my Outback for everything. In any one day that could mean towing the boat and going for a wakeboard before work, then rocking up to various business meetings throughout the day, to then driving back up to Warkworth for an evening trail run,” Art says.

Art and his partner Matilda Green, who was the winner of the first season of The Bachelor New Zealand, are enthusiastic about keeping healthy and fit and Art’s 99,000 social media followers can see how the Subaru Outback is enabling his dynamic Kiwi lifestyle.

Subaru of New Zealand Managing Director Wallis Dumper says: “Art obviously leads an active life but he also promotes good times. Seeing him out in his Subaru with gear on the roof racks at sunrise epitomises what the Subaru ‘do’ philosophy is all about. It encapsulates how our All-Wheel Drive engineering prowess helps our Subaru drivers to enjoy getting off the beaten track, secure in the knowledge that they can get safely back onto it again,” Mr Dumper says.

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  • Art Green Subaru NZ Ambassador
  • Art Green at the 2018 Coast to Coast event
  • Art Green and Matilda Green with friend David at the Subaru stand for Round the Bays.
  • Subaru ambassador Art Green enjoys the versatility of the Subaru Levorg, which can drop a boat off at the beach before work, deliver him to business meetings in the city during the day and then over the Waitakere Ranges for a trail run in the evening.
  • Subaru Ambassador Art Green at Coast to Coast 2019 with Armstrong Subaru's Garrick Cummins.