What is e-Boxer?

Famous for our unique Boxer engines, Subaru has created hybrid vehicles that are true to our Subaru DNA. Introducing the Subaru e-Boxer Hybrid, that combines our Boxer engine with a lithium ion battery to make something that was made for our environment. 

Subaru e-Boxer Hybrid is a 'mild hybrid' system that uses electric power (from a compact lithium-ion battery and electric motor) to assist the regular internal combustion engine.

The innovative e-Boxer Hybrid SUVs are equipped with identical petrol-electric engines that add a new dimension to Subaru’s range. Both hybrid models feature e-Boxer power - a 2.0 litre horizontally opposed Boxer engine linked via Motor Assist to a high voltage lithium ion battery, offering fuel economy benefits, particularly in congested city driving or lower speed cruising around town or country.

The e-Boxer logic adjusts the power split between petrol and electric to match driving conditions. It automatically changes between different modes:

  • Motor Assist EV driving (electric only)
  • Motor Assist electric (EV) + petrol engine driving
  • Petrol engine driving
  • Regenerative/self-charging

Check out the Subaru e-Boxer drive modes video here

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