The Matariki star cluster returns to our skies every year in Pipiri (June/July), marking the beginning of Māori New Year for the majority of Aotearoa. It’s a time to get together with whanau, reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future.

Subarus have always helped Kiwis explore the land. But with the return of Matariki, we wanted to help you navigate your way around the sky too.

The Subaru logo has the stars that  make up Matariki

The Matariki cluster, or Pleiades, is in fact the same cluster known in Japan as ‘Subaru’ - that’s it right there on our badge guiding every Subaru.

We’re on a journey to discover more about this shared connection. Given the best way to see the stars of Matariki is out of town, and the best way to get there is in an All-Wheel Drive Subaru, we’ve created a map to help you find them. Download your very own map to Matariki below!

Click here to download the Subaru map of Matariki


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Download your own map to Matariki to head out to your favourite stargazing spot to seek out Matariki in the night sky. 

The Subaru logo has the stars that  make up Matariki

Find out more about the different stars that make up Matariki.