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Written by : Team Subaru with Art Green

Coast to Coast start line


If you’re the type of person who likes to get out and ‘do’, Subaru have put together a series of tips for weekend warriors who are keen to get out and train for events. We sat down with some experienced weekend warrior ‘coasters’ who have done the bike, run and kayak legs multiple times. They have some little gems to help you get the most out of your race.

In part three, we’re talking running with Subaru brand ambassador Art Green who has become one of New Zealand's leading fitness and wellness ambassadors.

He doesn’t just talk about the benefits of exercise; he gets out and does it. Art regularly trains to keep fit and healthy and competes in events including completing the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Mountain Run in 2018.

The 30.5km stage crosses the Goat Pass and is renowned for its boulder-hopping and riverbed-crossing challenges.

Competitors can enter the Mountain Run as a stand-alone event, or if they are doing the whole Coast to Coast journey, it comes after the first 55km road bike.

Art’s advice can be applied to any long-distance running, whether it’s on more settled tarmac or across rugged landscapes of New Zealand.

Check out some of Art’s helpful tips below.


What did you do to get yourself ready for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Mountain Run?

I started training about four months before the run and did a combination of long, slow runs, high intensity hill sprints, and as many trail runs as I could find time for. I did one practice run on the course before the event, which was hugely beneficial. 

train by doing lots of trail runs for the coast to coast


Talk us through the day-before-the-race preparations? 

Have your running backpack packed and your running clothes laid out. Make sure everything is prepared so that you can pretty much wake up and run.
I get nervous before races, so I find that preparing fully the day before means that I don’t have to stress - worrying about if I’ve remembered to pack all the mandatory items.


What did you like wearing on the Mountain Run?

Shoes: I went with a lightweight, low-profile, minimal tread shoe. I like to feel the ground under my feet, so don't like anything with too much tread. A lot of the run is on smooth, wet rocks, so too much tread can actually become slippery. 

Pack: I like using a pack that is as small as possible, whilst still being able to fit all the necessary items and also one that has room for a 2-litre hydration bladder. I fill this bladder with an electrolyte drink.
I used the streams for fresh water, which I just drink using my hand as a cup.

Mandatory gear: I got all of these items from Kathmandu. 

running at the Coast to Coast is an enduring race.


What is the run leg really like? Hit us with your top tips for getting through it!

In my mind I split the run into three parts. The first part is from the start line all the way up the river to the point where you turn off to start the steep incline to the top of Goat Pass. This leg can be enjoyable, as your body is feeling good.
In the second leg you go up and over Goat Pass and run down the other side. This part is exciting as you reach the top and then running downhill and along the board walks feels good.
The final third part of the run is where I struggle the most. I find that my legs start to become sore, my pace slows, and the distance starts to feel very long. So, my advice here is to be aware that this final leg may be your hardest and to make sure you have some electrolytes and nutrition saved for this part.

practice running in all conditions to prepare


What tactics do you have for getting through the tough final third of the run?

Try not to take too many rest stops during the third part, even though you may want to! Just keep going - one foot in front of the other - and get to that finish line. Remember that the sooner you finish, the sooner you can get off your feet. The pain you may be feeling is only temporary. 


What is it like running down the finish chute at Klondyke Corner with the crowd applauding?

It feels incredible! Naturally you go through a few dark places mentally during the run, so to come down that finish chute with everyone cheering is a wonderful feeling of camaraderie and achievement. 

Art Green completed the mountain run of the coast to coast


Taking on any long-distance run can be daunting, but with some of these tips you can prepare so you can feel confident at the start line. Art Green drives a Subaru Outback which helps him get out to his favourite trail runs and water holes, and with integrated roof rails he can easily put on his surf board and head to the beach when the waves are looking good!

Read more about kayaking and cycling tips if you're taking on a multisport event. 


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