Subaru Recalls

From time to time we have service or recall campaign updates for our Subaru customers, to ensure Subaru drivers have the best ownership experience we can provide. 

What is a vehicle safety recall, and how do I know if my vehicle has been subject to one?

A vehicle safety recall is conducted by a vehicle manufacturer in the event of a component failure (or potential failure) that may prevent the driver from controlling the vehicle in a safe and proper manner. Examples of such components include brakes, steering, suspension, headlights, and airbags. In the event that a Subaru vehicle needs to be recalled, Subaru of New Zealand will contact the current owners of the vehicles to advise them of the corrective actions required. We monitor the completed repairs and will contact owners again if the vehicle has not been fixed within a period of time.


Takata Alpha Airbag Warrant of Fitness Ban

In a recent announcement made by the Government, all outstanding vehicles affected by the Mandatory Government Takata Alpha Recall that have not been fixed by January 2020 will be prevented from getting a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and considered unroadworthy until the repairs are made.

Does this affect your Subaru vehicle?

There is only a single Subaru vehicle remaining in New Zealand that is affected by the Government announcement above that has not had its Takata Alpha Airbag replaced.

This vehicle is Legacy Wagon Registration DUK616.

If this is your vehicle, please contact us immediately so that we can arrange repair.


For all other Subaru owners, you are not affected by the above Government announcement and your vehicle should still qualify to pass a Warrant of Fitness from 2020 – even if you still have a Takata “Beta” type airbag that requires replacement.


For more information please refer the following article on Stuff. 

Please visit our webpage to check if your vehicle has been noted for future recalls and to register your contact details with us. You can also find FAQ's for the Takata recall on this page too. 



Stop Light Switch Recall 

We have been advised (in very rare cases) that the use of third party consumer products* which contain silicone may result in the gas seeping into the stop light switch housing and lead to conduction failure in certain Subaru vehicles. This may result in the EyeSight® and VDC warning light to illuminate (while driving) and the brake light may not illuminate. As a result, the engine may not start with push button start system vehicles and the shift lever might not move from ‘P’ position (AT/CVT vehicles only) (while parking).

*Examples of consumer goods include fabric softener, wet wipes, deodorant, hairspray, hand cream, sunscreen and cosmetics. 

While it would be very rare if this was to occur, we take safety very seriously and want to ensure your Subaru is as safe as possible.  Subaru of New Zealand will conduct a safety related recall on behalf of SUBARU CORPORATION, through our nationwide authorised Subaru dealer network.

We have been advised by SUBARU Corporation Japan that the following models will be part of this safety recall:

  • Forester - Model Years 2014 to 2016
  • WRX Sedan - Model Years 2011 to 2014
  • Impreza Hatch – Model Years 2012 to 2016
  • Subaru XV – Model Years 2012 to 2017


The recall will involve stop light conduction switch replacement with permanent countermeasure parts.

This recall is free of charge.

If your vehicle is affected, you will receive a Notification Only Letter in the mail, and following this you will then be sent a Recall Action Notice, when the parts are available and can be fitted to your vehicle.

Next steps:

1. No action required now. 

2. If your vehicle is affected, you will receive a Notification Only Letter in the mail. 

3. When parts are available and can be fitted to your Subaru we will send a Recall Action Notice.

4. The Recall Action Notice will give you further instructions to complete the recall on your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Have any Stop Light Switch Recall failures occurred in New Zealand?
At the time of writing there have been no reported failures in New Zealand.

Can I stop the conduction failure from happening?
Prevention of using any of the examples of products mentioned in your vehicle may reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being affected. However once parts are available to be fitted, it is necessary for you to undertake the recall regardless. 

How do I find my nearest Subaru Authorised Dealer?
To locate the nearest Subaru Authorised Dealer click here

Keep in contact and register online

We strongly recommend that you register your details with us at This will enable us to keep you updated about any recalls by email, as well as to provide you with other Subaru news and information.

More generally, we are moving towards using electronic communications as our primary method of sharing information with our valued customers. Registering your details on our website will ensure that you receive all service and recall campaign updates as soon as we have the information to hand, thanks to the immediacy of email.


Takata Airbag Safety Recall

For more information about the Takata Airbag Safety Recall, click here