The SUV that recognises you


Driver Monitoring System

Our newest safety feature, the Driver Monitoring System is available on the Forester, adding further convenience and safety.

We believe this advanced system is a first within this category, not only having the potential to detect driver distraction and drowsiness, but automatically alerts them. Using Facial Recognition Technology, DMS also sets up driver preferences within the cabin to personalise your drive. 

A dedicated camera installed in the visor of the Multi-Function Display, recognises the driver’s face and constantly monitors the seat area.

Up to five drivers can be registered in the system, which greets each driver when they get behind the wheel of the Forester and adjusts the cabin environment tailored to their preferences.

Personalise your drive

The Forester is the first Subaru that can recognise the driver and adjust to your personal preferences. When the driver is seated, the cameras detect the driver and automatically adjust to the drivers preferred door mirror angle, Multi Function Display settings, air conditioning settings, seat position and other instrument cluster displays.

Wandering Eyes

Another feature of the Driver Monitoring System is a Wandering Gaze Warning – if the driver continues to look away from the road ahead the system warns both passengers and the driver through a visual and audio alert.

The Driver Monitoring System can also detect if the driver is dozing or getting drowsy. This warning system once again uses facial recognition technology to determine if the driver is dozing off – this is presumed if they continue to close their eyes while driving. Drowsiness is recognized by calculating the time ratio the driver’s eyes are closed.


DMS features on the Forester X Sport, Forester 2.5 Premium and Forester e-Boxer Hybrid models.

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